Idea to Action - Fast

We are an accelerator for innovative ideas and a pathway from idea to execution. We guide you through the process and are a partner that helps when you need it most. We pride ourselves on being involved and providing real assistance, not just sourcing funding.


We work with you to expand your idea, including market research, innovative business and commercial models, and technology decisions

Business Framework

We help you form a company, create investment memorandums, staffing profiles, company collateral and branding, marketing brochures and sales models.

Technical Governance

We help design your overall solution, identify opportunities to kick-start with existing offerings, and provide a strong background in making secure, scalable solutions.

About Imminently

We grow ideas

We are passionate about great ideas. Let us be the custodian of your idea and we can take it to new heights. We strive to be great partners, that will take your idea, and provide enough collateral and insight around that you can go out and get funding or customers.

If you've got a great idea, but don't have a company yet - don't worry! We can offer to incubate your idea and set up your company at a later stage. This saves you the need to set up and have costly corporate structures, until you are confident your idea will work in the market.

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The journey we will take

  • Imminently recognises that each company will embark on their own journey and will require different services from us. However, in general we see companies and the use of our services following these broad phases:

  • Incubate: We will be the custodians of your idea and guide you on the process of forming the idea, building your business and getting you in front of investors and into market.

  • Grow: When you've got some success under your belt, we will work with you to tailor our services to support a growing business. This is entirely your decision and we can offer as little or as much as you need

  • Expand: You're a success! Whilst we may continue to have a relationship with your idea, we'd be keen to work with you again on your next idea

From idea to execution

Grow Your Business With Imminently

We offer lots of different services for your company, including:

Corporate Collateral

Branding, brochures, marketing material, corporate decks

Pitch Support

We can help you pitch your idea, refine it and get it in front of investors.

Imminently Platform

Leverage our rapid development platform to get a working prototype in front of investors or customers


Including cloud services, domains, email, collaboration software, programming tools and many more